Monday, December 16, 2013

Tip 3 of 7 Tips for Effective Meetings

Always use an agenda.

This is a good way to keep yourself and everyone else focused. If you start a meeting without an agenda, create one in the first five minutes. Working with the group, make a list of what needs to be covered and assign a time for each item. 

When you stick to an agenda you will provide leadership to help people in meetings stay on task. It helps you stay focused, too! Clearly state the purpose of each agenda item. Don’t just list topics. Send the agenda out in advance so people can be prepared when they get to the meeting.

Here’s a sample agenda with topics, purpose, facilitator and allotted time.

Share the role of facilitator, so everyone gets experience leading a meeting. Being meeting facilitator is a great learning experience. And that experience  also will make attendees stay better focused when they are not facilitating.


Last meeting minutes  Review & approve            Julie Moore             5 minutes

First quarter stats        Dialogue - no decisions    Jim Clooney          15 minutes 
Move to new office      Problem-solving -              Mabel Smith          45 minutes

                                       How can we keep up

                                       quality service?

Move to new office      Decision-making                Jane Brown           15 minutes 

Meeting evaluation      Dialogue                            Ken Statler              5 minutes

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Share your experiences with meetings by commenting below. What have you found helpful to improve your meetings?


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