Monday, January 20, 2014

Tip 5 of 7 Tips for Effective Meetings

Create simple meeting minutes

Many meeting minutes I have seen are in long paragraphs with no easy way to find what you are looking for later in reviewing minutes to discover:
1.    What was decided?
2.    Who is responsible for action items?
3.    What are deadlines were established?

Here’s a simple way to keep minutes.

Most people don’t like to take meeting minutes. Following this meeting record template makes it easy. While this won’t work for all meetings, it will be effective for most of them.

This form is not only easy to use for the person who takes minutes. It also makes it quick and easy to review in the future. It is easy to find:
1.    The meeting date and who attended
2.    Topics of discussion, which are underlined in bold
3.    Brief notes of what was discussed
4.    Conclusions made at the end of discussion
5.    Action steps, responsibility to achieve them and deadlines for the work

Future action step are obvious because they are in boxes to stand out.

You can find many other meeting templates on Google. Here’s the link:

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